Escape Adventures: Our team is available to craft an escape adventure or room for your facility or event.

Electronic Accessories: With huge variety of electronics you are able to create any puzzle you can imagine. Choose sensors, main module and output set and let your imagination run wild! With our products nothing is impossible.

Applications: Designed to monitor, track and control your escape business’ multiple rooms. Customize your room puzzles and set-up, change time, sound and/or visual elements. Communicate with players with answering questions and posting hints.

Escape Boxes: Portable game for groups, loaded with puzzles and adventures for 30-60 minutes of game play. Everything you need is included. The perfect option for game nights, events and team building that can be hosted anywhere.

Escape Adventure Blueprints: Our kits will provide you everything you need to plan and build your themed escape adventure, from the story scripts, shopping list, detailed puzzles and build instructions.